Sunday, December 29, 2013

Scumbag Loser Chapter 6: Completely... Filled with Scents

ALRIGHT, IT'S HERE Y'ALL! Chapter 6 of Scumbag Loser, "Completely... Filled with Scents" is out now! I'm not even gonna front, I know the translation of the title sounds kind of wonky, but you'll get it when you read the chapter.

Read Online:  Batoto  (Lowkey, I think the mods hate me cause I fucked it up the first time.)
Download:      MediaFire

We hope you guys have a happy New Year! Don't get too wasted, and to any of the readers out there who have never been kissed (the kisses from your mom don't count), maybe you'll get lucky when the clock strikes midnight HUE. We'll see y'all in 2014!


  1. Lol, why would you want to do that? Is the mod a smexy girl?!


  2. I'm willing to give you guys monies if you release the rest of vol 2 and all of volume 3 in the next 10

    Think somewhere between 60 and 200$$$

    1. Woah 10-15 days? What's the rush man?

      Don't get me wrong Jay, I love money more than anything because I'm greedy AF, but you've got to take into account the amount of time it takes to get the rest of the chapters scanned, cleaned, redrawn, translated, typesetted, proof read, etc. Plus, all of the people on this scanlation team are either full time students with part time jobs, or are working full time. We just don't have the time to sit down and churn out chapters that fast.

      As much as I want to get that dough, I have to turn down your offer because there's just no way we can cram that much work into our schedules.

      The next chapter will be released on the 29th doe, so if you're planning to go off the grid in 15 days or something you can at least catch the next chapter. :kanyethumbsup: :boratthumbsup:

    2. Ayyy, my bad. I meant the 19th, NOT the 29th.

  3. Lol, i thought that was kinda funny, cause i was like "29th isnt in 15 days....."

    but yea, I did scanlation for a few years back so i know the problems and what not, but i had my hopes that some kids in high school were doing this :C I'd actually be willing to help, but all i did was clean, typeset, QC and scan raws :C nothing useful like translating (Thats the only real job)

    Man, now you got me all nostalgic :( i'm gonna go cry

  4. Thanks a lot eses! And have a very good and productive new ayer!

  5. 19th sounds pretty tasty!
    Absolutely loving the direction SL is going :D
    Thank-you, yet again!