Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scumbag Loser Chapter 10: Twin Tails and the Scent of Death

Phew, just finished typesetting chapter 10 of Scumbag Loser, "Twin Tails and the Scent of Death." This chapter was like font mania, I've never had to use so many different fonts in one chapter.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Scumbag Loser Chapter 9: ...Paths

It's that time again! Chapter 9 of Scumbag Loser, "...Paths," is finally finished!  For all the desert thirsty readers out there, this chapter (more like this entire volume) is especially for you. #infiniteoppai

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I pretty much ruined Kurodas' entire summer break by giving him a shit ton of translation work to do, so we should be able to get chapter 10 out real soon. By soon, I don't mean like a month, I mean like in a week or so. Here's a quick preview of what's to come in chapter 10:

Also, shout outs to Techsupportdog for doing the impossible redraws, I promise Denko won't call the police on you anymore. (´・ω・`)

To the person in the FAQ section that wanted the scans for the 3rd volume's cover, here are the big ass unedited 600 DPI versions of the inner and outer covers:

MediaFire (15MB)
MediaFire (25MB)

Just as a disclaimer, the scanner I have now isn't as nice as the one I was using back when I was still in school so the outer cover is kinda of blurry near the spine.