Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Scumbag Loser Chapter 9: ...Paths

It's that time again! Chapter 9 of Scumbag Loser, "...Paths," is finally finished!  For all the desert thirsty readers out there, this chapter (more like this entire volume) is especially for you. #infiniteoppai

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I pretty much ruined Kurodas' entire summer break by giving him a shit ton of translation work to do, so we should be able to get chapter 10 out real soon. By soon, I don't mean like a month, I mean like in a week or so. Here's a quick preview of what's to come in chapter 10:

Also, shout outs to Techsupportdog for doing the impossible redraws, I promise Denko won't call the police on you anymore. (´・ω・`)

To the person in the FAQ section that wanted the scans for the 3rd volume's cover, here are the big ass unedited 600 DPI versions of the inner and outer covers:

MediaFire (15MB)
MediaFire (25MB)

Just as a disclaimer, the scanner I have now isn't as nice as the one I was using back when I was still in school so the outer cover is kinda of blurry near the spine.