Saturday, August 31, 2013

Scumbag Loser Chapter 1: The Scent of a Woman

AWWWW YEEEEE, good news y'all: The first chapter of Scumbag Loser, "The Scent of a Woman," is now available!

Read Online:  Batoto
Download:      MediaFire

We're also looking for redrawers. We're terribad at redrawing so if you'd like to help us, just head on over to the recruitment page.

EDIT: It was brought to our attention that we missed the word bubbles on pages 23 and 35 so we've fixed it and reuploaded the chapter. We've also renamed the pages (thanks for the tip anon!).

EDIT2: Ooooh shit, looks like we took the L on this one for real. We just finished fixing a shit ton of typos (thanks again anon!) and reuploaded everything on MediaFire and Batoto. I don't suggest tryna read this on any other online reader cause there's a 90% chance they've got the WOAT version of the chapter. We're probably gonna need a proof reader or quality checker in the future.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Scumbag Loser: Chapter 1 preview

Scumbag Loser Chapter 1 has been cleaned, and translated. Techsupportdog is working on typesetting the cleaned scans, but in the mean time you can view this ghetto ass pdf file I made while translating.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New site coming soon

We've acquired the entire Saiteihen no Otoko - Scumbag Loser series and are in the the midst of scanlating it.